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What Can Your Money Do For Oasis?

Most of our families in the refuge come to us with what they stand up in. Children leave behind all of their toys, clothes and everyone leaves their most treasured possessions. When families move into their new homes they do so with no goods at all.

£5.00 Will buy a woman and her children a loaf of bread and a pint of milk when they arrive at the refuge.
£5.00 Will buy a supply of toiletries for a women and her children.
£10.00 Will buy a set of pyjamas and underwear for the children and women that come to us with nothing.
£15.00 Will buy essentials such as plates and pans for a homeless family resettling from the refuge.
£20.00 Will buy bed linen for a family who are resettling.
£30.00 Will provide an hour of counselling for a child or mother to help deal with the pain of their trauma.

Our service users are made happier with your kind support

Thank You
A letter written by resident child
A letter written by resident child